WTS 1x May 2003 character with low SP

Have two one old characters for sale from when I started playing EVE nearly 15 years ago.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/solidox DOB 2003-05-11 male caldari


Both very little skill points, 3 remaps, no corp history, no killboard entries.

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I am for sale.

I am for sale.

beecat 4.5 bil

3B for Solidox.

5b for solidox
and 5b for beecat

6 bil for beecat

5b for solidox 7b for beecat

8b for beecat

9 bil for beecat

5b for solidox
10b for beecat

12.5 b for beecat

5b for solidox
bid retracted on beecat new plan for characters

my bid on beecat stands 12,5b

13.0B for beecat

14b for beecat

5.1bil solidux exactly what Iā€™m looking for

6b for solidox

14.5B for beecat

15 for beecat