WTS 2.3M SP Research Toon *Born in 2008*

11 Year old Toon for sale. Had a research POS in high sec but no longer doing that. Needs good home.


Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Stationed in Amarr
3 Remaps Available
+3 Implants and ‘Beancounter’ Set
Unallocated SP 11,528

No PVP history, was in one corporation (my own)

The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active

6 isk

Thank you. That has been fixed.

Are you offering 6 billion isk?


2.75B isk…also if you choose not to sell it, I’d advise you to train it (even as an alpha) to get it to the 5m sp mark

Auction status?

Thanks for your interest but I think I am going to continue developing her at this time.

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