WTS 2 5m sp chars

5.5b is a fixed price sorry

you cannot delete anything from the first post…


to the top!

Still for sale

To the top b/o prices reduced

Up again still for sale

Who has been sold and who is still available? I see one has been sold but there’s also another ESI that’s showing not active.

Stormcloud is showing ESI error

I’ll fix it when I get home

Atomic was sold, unless you sold Onyx privately. But if any are sold, you can put “sold” beside the links, you just can’t delete anything from the original post. Which means, you need to actually put Atomic’s link back in the original post. per ccp rules.

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Mail me all the toons you have left, and a rate for all of them.


Still for salle

could you please clean up, who is for sale and who is sold?

Only atomic sigma has been sold, rest are available


i would take this 4 , do you give me a discount?

Hmm I could do 4.5b each