WTS 2 7.8m Characters Cyno 5 OR Cybernetics 5

Cyno 5
Caldari Frig 5
Can fly Manticore
7,818,870 SP
Has 108k Unallocated SP

Stating @ 5B

Cybernetics 5
2 attribute +4 Pod
7,879,810 SP
14k Unallocated SP

Starting @ 5B

As of time of posting both characters are

  • In NPC Corp
  • Have Positive wallet
  • No active killrights
  • 1 bonus and 1 Remap Available
  • Located in Jita

Confirming I am for sale.

Characters are still Available

4b for clarissa?

Noted, but I will let this run a bit more before I accept this offer.

This will count as my bump for today,

I offer you 4.2b for her (clarissa black). Ready to sent isk now.

Still taking offers

Still taking offers for a few more days

Still selling?

5b for Lolipop Tolun

5B for Clarissa

5.5 for the cyno toon

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