WTS 20.2 Mill SP Production-Titan Builder looking to sell at SP Value

20.2 Mill SP <<<<< says 20.2 mill SP on evemon and in-game screenshots
Born 1-28-2012


Decent Production skills & can also build Titans

2012 Character.
Full set of Improved Implants

Security status = 0.0

Positive wallet.

No-kill rights.

I am in Jita 4-4. NPC Corp.

all rules apply, I will pay the transfer fee.

as of this post currently, Large skill injectors are 678 mill isk each

Screenshot 2021-09-18Raylen Current Evemon SP

ILL sell at a loss for 17 Billion isk

you do realize skill extractors cost about 300m?

Ill give you extraction value at 10B

11b to buy this toon

Is this character still for sale? Interested in purchasing.

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