WTS - 20.7m SP Miner/WHer

Hello! I recently returned to Eve after a long absence (it’s true… you never quit, you just take breaks) and I’m looking to consolidate / trim down accounts. As such, I’m selling myself!

I have:

  • 20.7m SPs
  • A clean history (I am in, and have only ever been in, an NPC corp and have no PvP kills and only losses are the “mandatory” frigate losses from the tutorial missions)
  • A full set of +3 implants
  • A positive, but small, ISK balance (~10k ISK at point of sale)
  • A positive sec status
  • Solid Empire standings (3+ for the Four Empires, and up to 7-ish for some corporations)
  • One skill remap with two bonus remaps available
  • No kill rights

I am a miner/WHer (in training) with the ability to fly:

  • T1 combat hulls (all frigs, all dessies, all cruisers, A/C BCs, A/C BSs)
  • Transport ships (A BR, A DST)
  • CovOps (A CovOps, A Stealth Bombers)
  • Miners (Venture and Barges, not yet exhumers, but nearly)
  • Industrials (A, Noctis, Porpoise, Orca)

I am resident in Jita, and have not installed any of my available clones anywhere - just lazy I guess! :slight_smile:

I am looking for a 16b ISK sale (BO), and will not accept offers below 12b (I’d rather have my brains sucked :stuck_out_tongue: ). That said, I would definitely prefer a good home! Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

12B offer valid for 24hrs

Thanks mate, but I’m in no hurry to sell, so I’ll hold off for a week or three and see what happens.

I’m still looking for a new home. Are YOU going to be the one to take me home for Christmas? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat Worms! :rofl:

12.5b offer

Sorry for the delay, Ultrawong, was away for the weekend. Thanks for the offer. Call it 13.5b and I’ll start the transfer today!

14b offer

Hey there Alfonso. I sorta-kinda “entered negotiations” with Ultrawong. I haven’t heard back from him since my counter-offer, so I don’t know whether he’s refused it, or just hasn’t seen it yet.

I’m planning to give him until the end of the day to decide either way. If I haven’t heard from him by tomorrow, I would like to take your offer. Is that acceptable to you?

It’s only fair

Sorry for delaying your transaction. You can sell your account to others. I have another goal

Righto, Ultrawong. Hope whatever it is works out for you mate. Alfonso, I accept your deal and will begin transfer upon receipt of ISK. Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

isk are on the way

ISK received and transfer begun. Nice doing business with you and GL with the character!

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