WTS 2004 173m SP PVP BEAST!


This has been my main character since October 2004. She has seen many incredible times in eve but the time has come to pass on.

I present to you Leilani Solaris, a 14 year old pvp specialized monster. She can fly pretty much anything, has virtually everything that’s worth having at 5. Flies any subcap ship except interdictors.

Almost 3000 kills on zkill (and a lot more that are missing…) https://zkillboard.com/character/1828218140/
57m SP in spaceship command alone
31m SP in Gunnery skills
11m SP in missile skills
All support skills 5

Character has a positive wallet
Multiple jump clones in high security space including a mid grade Asklepian set, Genolution set, mid grade crystal set and mid grade Nomad set.
She has no outstanding killrights
She is located in high sec space.

Start bid: 150b
Buyout: 200b

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I have a happy place for her. 130 bil.


135 bil

Thanks for the free bumps

Ye, famous scammer.
80 bil

There’s already an offer of 135, which I also won’t accept.

Assets are not permitted in pricing of the character.

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145b. Not sure how you managed to train all this stuff without getting t2 triage :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: or recon 5. You’re training amarr drone spec 5 before recon 5? Really?

Edit 2: Also, all t3cs at 5, all blackops BS, but no cyno5? Cmon man.

That’s why you have alts :wink:

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Still looking for a new home

are you still for sale?

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