WTS 2004 260mil SP - once in a lifetime opportunity

This is your chance to bid on a pretty amazing opportunity, so don’t let it get away, who knows when you will get another chance at a character like that…
I will let this run until next Saturday night (29th of February) or until I get an offer I cannot refuse.


  • 260mil skill points
  • 2004 date of birth
  • Good solid name
  • 1 remap available
  • Positive Isk balance
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Amarr
  • Sec Status >2.0 and great Faction+Corp standings
  • +4 implants in current clone
  • 7 jump clones accross New Eden (5 in High Sec, 2 in Null Sec), 5 of them with implants fitted
  • 1 clone with full set set of high-grade Amulet implants
  • Perfect Archon and Orca pilot
  • Perfect Drone, Shield, Armor, Navigation, Scanning, Trade, Production, Planet Management, etc. skills
  • Too many level 5 skills to count!

1,000,000,000 ISK

1,234,567,899 ISK

Great Amarrmasterrace character, I would pay 31 bil! :stuck_out_tongue:

40B :slightly_smiling_face:

I see a lot of hilarious bidding comedians so far :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks, and bump.

180B My Offer

Bump. Still too low.

190B Offer


Not there yet, still below extraction value, but thanks for the interest

I think it is possible to set a floor price. The buyer can be informed of the minimum effective fees that need to be paid.

Good point.

Minimum Bid: 210B

Buyout: 290B

210B My offer

Thanks, now we are starting to be serious, and bump.

215B offer

216B offer

I won’t raise the price because you won’t really buy it

Apologies, I am travelling for work and can’t log into Eve until the weekend.
I will leave this running until Sunday Downtime, and the highest bid will win the auction then.

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