WTS 68mill SP - Near perfect 5's - 2004 - RARE opportuinity. Starting bid lowered

Long long time since i sold a character so hope i have this right. This is a very reluctant sale. He was an unused alt for many years but then I decided to try and make the perfect character - all 5’s, ready for anything. It isnt quite where i would like it as there are a couple of skills not done to 5 and that gets my OCD up, but as you can see from eve-board - this is a very rare opportunity to get hold of a character that has left nothing undone.

95 out of 100 injected skills at level 5.

68 million SP

Improved implants (and a set of standards i think)

Character is in high-sec, in a NPC corporation, has no kill rights against, has a positive wallet

Bonus remaps available : 1

Eveboard link : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Holte_Prime Password is 1234

I really have no idea what he is worth - ordinarily I would be looking for 50b but considering the state of the skills, i think 70b is not an unreasonable amount to start.

I will run it for 48 hours as of time stamp and take the highest bid then. If nobody bids, i am happy with that as i am in two minds about selling anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks and good luck

I’ll give you a baseline bid of 50 bil.

Good luck with the sale!

Thankyou mate, lets see where it goes :slight_smile:

Bump, anyone want to get a bid closer to 70?

Confirming my interest and raising bid to 52.5b.

Would you go to 60?

I’ll stretch a little further… to 53.5b. On right now if you’d like to get this on the books ;=)

Away for the weekend with the kids so not able to login until Sunday night.

If you won’t go to 60 but will stretch a little. 55 would be my final figure. If we can agree on that we can get it done…

Still for sale. New starting bid of 55 bill.

Runs until 19.00 eve on 2nd August then will be withdrawn if nobody has bid.



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Final bump.

Sold to txiv

Transfer funds when you are ready and let me know the account. Cheers.

Not heard from Txiv so assuming the bid was a time waste.

Character available for 24 hours more then will be withdrawn.

Selling to Maizie Fields, terms agreed upon in game

Confirming the purchase, sending ISK and account info now…

Transfer process started. Thanks