WTS 2004 6.8m Gallente Ship starter


  • 2 remaps
  • positive sec/wallet
  • 0 JC

Gal Battleship V
Gal Battlecruiser V
Gal Frigate V
Gal Cruiser V in 14 days (currently training)
Cyber V

Located in Podion

REmapped for Perc/wil with matching +5s

DOB of 2004

B/O: 6.4b

Fo Sale

6b b/o

I thinking to buy out this. Ill write you at 10pm (eest)
P.S. If you will not receive message, that means I do not going to buy.

I’ll pay your buyout Brock, won’t be home until 7pm tonight so will tranfer isk and account details then.

I’ll chuck in a little extra isk for the work you do with your website, which without we wouldn’t be trading chars.


@Varieties accepted. Let me know when it’s sent


Isk and account info sent.

received, processing now, will have a screenshot of the ticket shortly

Pleasure doing business, thanks for the tip!

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