WTS: 2005 1M SP Great name Character - No history - NPC Corp



I will give 3 bil. I will not be home / online for approximately 9 hours as I just started work. Will be online as Trig Vexson about 2000 eve. Please note I have never bought a toon so will have to walk me through process. I can / will join your discord to make sure things go smoothly. I do want this so if we can meet up I will buy.

I will be on a lot this weekend if we can find a time to get this done

@Trig_Vexson I am currently active and will be, add me on Discord please BiiGy#9549

I am currently in game, dont know how to “Add” you on Discord. I have sent you an in game convo to Master Luka

No problem, i will contact you IG

@Trig_Vexson I am online as well, send a convo again :slight_smile:

Made Contact, Deleteing toon from Account I need Master to go on. I will contact again in 10 hours and transfer ISK

If things fall through again I’ll give you 2.5b

Account name given , Isk sent and received.

ISK received, transfer initiated. Thank you for the purchase. Good luck & Have fun o7 Please close this thread.