WTS 2005 Char 6.1M SP SOLD

Selling me

-Pos wallet

  • Neg. ss
  • Located in Jita
  • 2 remaps

Open for reasonale offers (hence €20 transfer)

Your CHaracter is CRIMINAL. I can offer 4 b, for the nex two hours (Security Status -5.30 )

I can reset it to 0, not soo difficult :slight_smile:

Well i get some more isk, can up my offer to 4.2b and i fix the standings. Need be today.

I am now seeking a last female pilot, and your char fit for me , but i will take any female pilot with decent name today (not interested in skills or look , want a scout)

4.2b accepted, mailed you ingame also.

Ok, isk sent, and i sent the account name in ten minutes

account name sent.

all recieved starting transfer
Character Name: Leona Backstabber

Will be completed after: 2/2/2021 3:37:57 AM

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