WTS 2005 PvP Character with 98M SP

Take a look at the skills here

Pass: 4321

  • Pilot is in Jita
  • Has positive wallet and sec status
  • No kill rights
  • Remap now / 2 Bonus
  • Has couple of clones with implants
  • Pilot is in an NPC Corp
  • 98.3M Skillpoints
  • 1.275.641 Unallocated Skill Points

I am paying for the character transfer fee.
All CCP and Forum rules apply.
I reserve the right to cancel the sale.

Offers above 94B will I consider.
Buyout: 100B

daily update.
Open for offers.

daily update.
Now with more unalocated SP.

still for sale.
daily bump.

Purchased other toon, will keep an eye on this one though (old KIA friend)

still for sale.
EvE old days, (KIA ftw) :slight_smile:

daily bump.

daily bump!

still for sale.



I appreciate the offer, will consider it.
I have several ingame offers too.
Now with more unallocated SPs.

still for sale.
New skillpoints edit.
New buyout price.
Updated - unalocated skillpoints.


is it still available?

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