WTS 2005 Pilot

(Hop Drop) #1

Im for sale.

2005 Pilot. Born 2005.07.15


Positive Wallet

No Kill rights / No Jump clones / No Implants

981,045 Skill points / 45,255 unallocated

(Andre Simon) #2

4B for hop drop

(Hop Drop) #3

Thanks for the offer.

C/O 4b

B/O 5b

(Zaitsev Malak) #4

To the top.

(Hop Drop) #5

Hop Drop still for sale.

(Arielle en Distel) #6

I’ll buy, can you pay the transfer fee?

(Hop Drop) #7

Yes I will pay the transfer fee.

You are offering to B/O?

If so. Send isk and we will get a convo going for account details and such for the transfer.

(Money HoldingC) #8

If this falls through, I can offer 4.3b.


(Arielle en Distel) #9

I can not do it at this time. Apologies for the hold up. Some RL stuff came up and I don’t have the funds.

(Hop Drop) #10

Still for sale.

4.3b offer
5 for B/O.

(Hop Drop) #12

One corp. So corp history has 3 entries. Noob corp, and 1 player corp, and back to npc corp from when I left for sale.

(Hop Drop) #13

Still for sale.

(Money HoldingC) #14

4.3b isk ready

(Hop Drop) #15

I will take 4.3b.

Please send isk / details.

(Money HoldingC) #16

Account isn’t active, will mail it to you. Please reply here if it turns out to need to be activated, as I do not check eve mail. Thanks. Isk Sent.

(Hop Drop) #17

Transfer started to account received in Eve Mail.

Thank you.

(Forum Post) #18

Hop Drop has moved on from my account. Thanks for the trade.

(system) #19

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