WTS 2006 Scanner alt 10,577,956 SP Auroral AU-79 implant

All CCP rules apply
Jita 4-4
Isk Positive
Positive Security Status
lvl 4 standings
will sell in 10 hours or so just make your offers.

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6 billion ISK offer.

6.5 b

Offer accepted

7 billion ISK. Please accept mine, I bid first, I bid more now and I am online now.

@Constituo are you on? You accept my offer? Shall I transfer ISK and send account details?

8 bil

8,2 billion ISK.

8.5 b

8,7 billion ISK.

10 bil

10,2 billion ISK.

17 hours since auction started. The 10 hour term is surpassed. Auction over?

two people bidding. One is created just a day prior to this auction - two days ago, has no other posting history and already can use T2 lasers, weapons upgrades, rigs, nav mods and tackle - Imperial Navy Slicer | Original Rude Boy | Killmail | zKillboard Plus already goes into low and null. Also joined the forums just after the auction OP. Check the character sheets:
Profile - Original_Rude_Boy - EVE Online Forums
Profile - Constituo - EVE Online Forums
Bidding on your own auction to artificially increase the price is against the rules. obvious scam is obvious. Flagging and reporting this post.

Thread closed for further Investigations.