WTS 2007 Toon Clean Zero history in anything

Hi There I am looking to sell this clean toon.

I am open to offers and not looking for fortune for the toon.

I guess start the bid at 2bil

Name: jokimnoah
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies 2007-06-25 18:46 – Now (4554 days)
Date of Birth: 2007-06-25
Skill Points: 801,270
Unallocated SP: 46,920
Yearly Remap: 1
Bonus Remaps: 3

Eveboard: Link

Still here send offers!

2 bil. ?

Sure i’ll accept message me in-game with the account your want it transferred to.

2 bil. isk was sent and account name e-mailed in game.

The seller disappeared with money. No communication.
I’m going to start a support ticket soon.

sorry I am doing the transfer now.


23 Dec 2019 16:43

Transfer paid for. You shoudl see the toon in 24hrs.

Thank you, everything is ok now.
I received an e-mail from CCP about character transfer.

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