WTS 2008 49.5m PVE PVP character

WTS 49.5 mil SP toon, Date of birth is 2008. very casual character, Good for both pvp and pve.

Hi, there this is my first-time use character trading service, this is my only character and I’m planning on train new character if this one is sold, if I missing anything please let me know.

Starting Bid is 50B. (I’m in no hurry to sell this character what so ever, so please ignore if you think the Bid is too high)
The character is located in a null station OSY_UD
detailed skills can be found at

(Password is “BXT”)
Green killboard.

Can fly
T3 Tengu
Most T2s
injected carrier and M Dread skill books and all books needed for these ships so you don’t need to buy any.

5 security status.

5 jump Clones, 3 with +4 sets (1 in OSY 2 in high sec)

no unallocated SP.

No killrights.

All rules apply

can leave anywhere 100m-5b isk in the wallet (will be added to the final sale price).
(plus~2b worth of PVE ships and stuff in high sec and ~1 b stuff in Null)

This cannot be sold on the character bazaar, character prices and considerations are ONLY on Jump Clones, Standings, SP, etc. Selling isk/ships along with the character are not allowed.

thank you! I deleted the related information.
Do I have to transfer those away somehow? or all the stuff I own will be automatically transferred to another character under the same account?

To remove those youd need to contract them to another character that you own. There have been plenty of people that have forgotten/left isk, plex, ships, etc on the account by accident and lost it. Once a transfer goes through the money/ships/etc that were left on the account are the property of the new owner. You have to take off anything that you want to keep that was not related to the sale (assets, isk, etc).

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Thank you, this is a very helpful information.

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