WTS 2008 Caldari citizen - No corp history

Unfortunately I don’t have on of those fine toons at my disposal.
The one I do however got offered 10B and then the buyer disappeared, which creates a 2.5B gap between us. any ideas how we can bridge that? :slight_smile:

On that thread, the best offer was 8.5 B and no transaction… So the guy let it go I guess.
I’ve already make an offer of 7.0 B just before him and finally rise it up to 7.5 B, as a bump.

We will see if some other players want to pay more than 7.5B for that toon, I dont think I will, sorry.

I hope you will find someone who will accept to pay the BO you ask. But if you don’t find better than my offer, I will be happy to buy her :smile:

Yup, same guy that offered 10B in-game and disappeared. I didn’t accept his bid of 8.5B as you can see.
Seems this toon will have to keep waiting then, have kept her in mint condition for 11 years, what’s a few more? :slight_smile:




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