WTS 2009 110M PVP + DREAD Pilot

All CCP Rules apply


Wallet is positive
Security status is (positive)
No kill rights
Character is currently located in Jita 4-4 in a shuttle.
2b Clone in Jita / Improved’s /LH-1006 Large Hybrid /SS-906 Surgical Strike /EM-805 / SM-705/ SU-605

Bid start 100b
b/o 110b

My brother in Christ what kind of dread fits would this even be able to use?

90b offer

Thx for youre offer


My offer above valid for another 24hrs, then I will inject what I need instead if no deal

Offer accepted , pls send ISK and account details

Sending now, one moment

Isk sent, evemail with account name sent.


Give me 1 hour

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24 May 2023 18:31


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