SOLD 126m SP Dreadnought pvp/pve with 100 skins

I am for sell character below:
pass - 123
100 ship skins
Can almost every ship part from main/sub caps
Ocular Filter - Improved
Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Skill Points 126,099,193
no kill rights
jita - moon 4 - caldair navy assembly plant
Security Status 3.82
isk positive
jump availability now
with two jump clone used has more implants

  • Jita V
    -Amane I
    all rules apply

offers 100b
highest offer 112b
reserved unknown
reduce price pm me b/o 135b

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o/ is your password correct? not working here.

just going to ask same thing :wink:

try now thanks <3

you will have to reply with the charachter for sale in the forum

appreciate the help ^^

I am for sell

105bil offer

106bil offer

pfffftt 107 bil


daily bump

still for sell

todays bump

110b offer online now

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I’ve send messaged in-game for a counter offer for b/o

if you don’t post it here I cant bid against it. so I guess that’s me out.

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Continuing the discussion from WTS 126m SP Dreadnought pvp/pve with 100 skins:

im happy to character at 115b what you think?

Yours the highest offer so far

offer retracted

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another char bought

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offer still stands and online now

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