WTS 2009 Character - Covops/Logi

Just picked this pilot up from the previous owner and my needs in Eve changed.

Vox Damnatus is a Cov ops/Logi pilot with no corp history and a 2009 creation date.

  • 29m SP
  • Great Drones skills
  • Amarr Frigate/Cruiser/Battleship all to level V
  • 1 annual and 1 Bonus remap
  • +5 implants plugged in
  • No wasted SP - develop this pilot into the PVP main of your dreams

Perfect spy, or cloaky alt Or even your new main. Take this off my hands today!

Starting at 24B!

28b isk ready

Sold. Please send isk and account name to this pilot. I will transfer in the next hour and fifteen min.

Isk and account name sent, waiting for transfer confirmation.

Great. Will send once I’m at work. Just finishing my commute in

ISk received and character transfer begun. You should be receiving your email shortly. Pleasure doing business with you!

Character recieved, Many thanks :slight_smile:

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