WTS 2009 near 76m Mission runner, trader and miner

This character for sale


Start from 60B,
B/O 70B

Great Caldari standing above 9.0
great trade skills - make ISK in JITA or Perimeter
fantastic gunnery specialist - make missions lvl 4 and have fun

Regards !

fast deal 62,5B B/O

Thank you, 2 more days left, if no one else’ll bidding, She is yours :slight_smile:

mail sent ingame

63 B/O

B/O offer in game

I think we need to know where the bids are for making a counter offer

I received the lastest ingame bid from Ishee Makara 65,5 B

65B ingame bid from Ruda Bestia

Still waiting for 70b b/o or auction’ll end on Tuesday 12.00 a.m


please to make me offer here. That will be fair and more transparent

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66 B for this character, she isn’t worth that much but I like Her.

That’s my last offer, and I promise to don’t extract her:)

70b B/O :wink:

B/O accepted. Please send me isks and account name ingame. I never sold characters but it should be finished today.

Thank You and please take care of Her

isk and account name sent thx for the deal i will take good care of her :wink:

Thank you Ishee Makara, transfer has been done, for 10 hrs you should recieve me :slight_smile: Fly safe !!!

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