WTS 2010 100m SP - Avatar, Hel, Nyx, Naglfar


SS 5.0
Positive wallet
Located in Highsec
Jump clon - Jita

Lvl 5:
Amarr Titan
Minmatar Carrier

7bil Active Clone Implants:
High-grade Slave Alpha
High-grade Slave Beta
High-grade Slave Gamma
High-grade Slave Delta
High-grade Slave Epsilon
High-grade Slave Omega
Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Controlled Bursts CB-706
Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Management EM-806
Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Surgical Strike SS-906
Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1008

Starting bid 90b. Buyout 100b.

I’ll do 90b.

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Thx! The auction will last 24 hours

I’ll do 91b

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91b Accepted. Send isk and account info.

This is not a minimum bid. The first bid was a day ago. The auction ended as it was announced after 24 hours.

I really haven’t used the character for a long time. That is why it is for sale.

hello, friend !the isk have send your ifars account!

send the character to the account

I received an ISK, and paid for the transfer of the character

!stolen character!

Transfer done, please reply when you recived.

Do not they block accounts for defamation?

Yes of course! Only checks you if I am mistaken to allow me to block!

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