WTS 2010 UnPlayed Character 3.1m SP

Salva Mae

3.1m SP with 1.3m unallocated.
No Corp History, No Faction/Corp standings… What side of FW will you pick come HAVOC?

0.0 Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Sitting in Kisogo
+3 implant set
Annual plus 2 bonus remaps

Caldari Frig 5 and a few others at 5.
With the over 1.3m SP you can get some decent missile or gunnery skills

Price: 6.0 Billion.

Up we go

2b for it.

@Synn_Maerlin lol you get 2 bil and still have to pay transfer cost…? never

Still available.

Still available.

Almost 1.5m unallocated sitting there now…