WTS 2014 mining alt Mack/Hulk pilot 46.4m sp, SOLD

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WTS Mining alt used back in the day.
Unallocated SP 697,780
Allocated SP 45,771,488
Total SP 46,469,268
23 ship skins
Mackinaw Nocx Rush skin 1.8bil in jita

Skills worth mentioning
Exhumers 5
Indy 5
Ice Harvesting 5
Reprocessing Efficiency 5
Mining upgrades 5
Recon 5
All non jump nav skills 5
Most Shield skills 5

Sec Status 5.0
wallet 220mil (included)
Located Jita 4-4
No implants, clones, ships
Npc Corp
No kill rights
festival launcher and snowballs :slight_smile:

Starting bid 20B
Buyout 35B

I’m ready to buy at 20B right now

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25b. Valid until I find another character.

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26B bid Good for 24 hours

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26.5 bil

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27 BIL

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I work 12hour shifts until Tuesday night. Will close auction around this time Tuesday night. 48 hours to go

28 bil

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Auction closed. Winner Zlatorg 28bil, Will send message and transfer character once isk is recieved.

Isk and mail sent to Komodo Kurvora

Character Transfer initiated 12/21/2022 3:38:03 AM UTC

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