WTS ~20M Arazu/Lachesis Recon5/Cyno5 + good gunnery (500K unalloc)

Jessika Wu Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
In NPC corp
I will pay the transfer fee.
No kill rights
Has positive wallet and security status.

20B take it or leave it.


Il offer 17 b



if still needed, I can accept that bid.


I can offer 13.5b.

17b i can ofrer

I accept. Please send isk/account name.

isk and account name sent

please start transfer

please initiate transfer else will need to involve ccp

its been 8 hours since isk transfer

Dude I went to sleep. Dont panic. I will start transfer after breakfast.

ok sorry for panicking

transfer started. T4T

thanks so much

recieved charc can close