WTS 14.25m SP Tengu Mission puller


lvl4-5 Stangings for CPF
lvl3 standings caldari faction

High grade crystals

Start bid 9b
buyout 11b

9b offer

11b buyout added

11 bill offer then for buyout

accepted, waiting payment and account.

payment and account name sent in game

edit: he has sent isk back now not sure what is up

Any word on this? I am resending the payment and username now

they’ve removed plex to transfer. Sorry, refunding.

You can still transfer via plex. Put 1k plex in your plex vault. Open GM ticket under Billing -> Character Transfer.

LInk this post, character to be transferred, and put in the destination account. Create ticket and wait 12h-5days

sorted out I have transfer isk again thank you Brock Khans for the assistance

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Character received everything seems in order thank you

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