WTS 20m Focused amarr PVP


Assault frigates
Amarr Zealot
Lasers pew pew
Awesome engi skills
Good armor skills
All Gunnery support skills lvl5

Positive standing.
No Killrights.
Located in HS.
Positive wallet.
2 remaps available.
Located in Jita.

17b price, ill do plex transfer

To the Top

I will do 14B this morning.

Sorry, 15b lowest i can go, because of plex transfer

can you do 15.5b?

15B offer

Sure, send isk and acc name

If Mii Jii failed, ill accept your

isk sent so as the acc name

plz let me know when starting transfer

All recieved, ive sent petition to start transfer.


have a nice day

character received

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