WTS 20m SP Tengu Pilot

Been running 10/10s and getting pretty bored… Looking to sell and fund a Rorq/Industry project.


Have a fit Tengu I can always sell to you after the transfer.
Character in highsec
5.0 sec
Pos wallet
lvl4 SOE/Amarr Navy
lvl3 factions

Start at 10b

15b ready ,

Thanks for the offer, I’ll let it run for a while before calling it.



but eve board state you cannot fly a tengu?

Hm, definitely able to :slight_smile: I extracted Proteus and injected Tengu, hence the remaining drone skills. If you are wanting to make this a stand alone tengu 10/10 alt, there is a few mill in drones/armor to extract and sell or reallocate :slight_smile:

Bump up

Account ran out today, so motivated seller. Wont be used again.

Offer still stands queenofeast has been messing people about but happy to match bid for quick sale

EVEBoard have probably not updated its Skill Prerequisites since CCP reworked the T3Cs. I can indeed confirm that the character can fly Tengu

Thanks for clarifying :smiley:

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