WTS 21.5 vargur/mining/booster "max shield"/prober alt

Positive wallet
In Jita 4-4
Sec Status 0.0
Remap available x 3
In NPC Corp
No kill rights

Mining barge 5
exhumers 4
minmatar bs 5
marauder 4
command destroyer 4

min bid: 30b
buyout: make a reasonable offer


20b we have a deal

mailed u ingame


if better offer arrives, it will be sold
LittleLightXD has made 22b offer ingame

but a better offers arrives, it will be taken

22b ingame offer

if i receive 23b it goes now

23b offer, isk at hand

i accept your offer

apologies for delay

Isk and Info sendt

will initiate transfer now

Character transfer complete. Cheers!

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