WTS 21 year old character from second week of Eve (May 2003) 1m SP

Hi, I’m almost old enough to drink in America and I’m for sale. Character was created on 14th May 2003, in Eve’s second week.

IMPORTANT: This character was undeleted by an admin at one point and shows NPC Corp History from 2023 only. (See pic). Birth date shows correctly in character tab and on different Eve character apps / sites. Do not buy if you want other players to see “2003” in your Corp History.

EVE - NostromoX

Character has zero isk and assets, 3 remaps available.

Auction will run for 10 days until midnight May 15th Eve Time! If someone bids within last 3 hours the auction will be extended for 3 more hours to allow people to respond to late bids.

p.s. have another similar character for Sale later called May2003. Let me know if there is any interest in him.


:slight_smile: 1B…:slight_smile:

Bump! If there’s not much more interest and the price doesn’t go above the character transfer fee ($20) in in Plex/Isk then I’ll withdraw the sale and try another time.

Okay - withdrawing sale due to lack of interest for now :slight_smile: If any admins sees this you can close the thread!

3b offer if still consider selling

nvm missed the note about employment history