WTS 21M SP Caldari Pilot

Selling this character for the highest offer. Will give it a few days till I will reach an agreement.
Character is in High sec, positive sec, standing 9.59 with Sisters of Eve corp. No kill rights, with High-grade Slave implat Set and a jump clone with standard implants. Character has 2 remaps available

Bid starts at 14 bilion.

Skills and stuff: -> http://eveboard.com/pilot/Athrum_Lionheart Pass:12345

12 bil

14 billion

14.5 bil

Auction is still up, i will take a decision tonight when I get home from work

15 billion.

We have a deal. Let me know when you are online.

15.1 b

ISK and account name sent in game mail.

Transfer fee paid. Thanks

Transfer email received, thank you.

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