Cutting back on accounts and no longer need this guy

2013 character
2 remaps available
PVP Focus on small ships, ideal for FW
Sec Status good for all high sec
Positive wallet
Located in high sec
No kill rights

Ready to sell…

Offers please…

9bil, offer valid for 24 hours only otherwise i’ll spend ISK on something else.

Make it 10b and you got a deal?

i only have 9bil but can borrow 500mil from friend… let’s meet halfway at 9.5b

OK cool lets do it

isk and account info sent

Just received this message while attempting to transfer:

“Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.”

Will try again shortly


Just a heads up that I’m still getting the same error message, perhaps after downtime once they’ve finished doing whatever it is they’re doing.

i just opened a ticket with CCP regarding the issue you’re having when attempting to transfer the char to my account. if you are not telling the truth, you will pay the consequence. hopefully the issue gets resolved soon.

many have the same issue, he is not lying and he cant really get away with your money, chill !

Im not sure what you mean by consequence big chap…

Its the whole system, so calm down.

Transfer in progress


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