WTS 22.4m sp Focused Rorqual Pilot

Capital Industrial Ship Lv5
Invulnerability Core Operation Lv4
Mining Director Lv5
Mining Drone Operation Lv5
Ice Harvesting Drone Operation Lv5
Unallocated sp 663,252

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill right
No jump clone

Starting at 18b
B/O 22b

Withdraw my bid,Buy another.

thanks for offering, 18b bid received

i would accept 21b buyout

I wait for another.

bump bump

daily bump

15bli for it

bump bump

16b is last order

18b bid

thx for offering, 18b is the highest offer atm

daily bump

18.5b offer

thx for offering

19B offer

thx for offering.

bo price updated, dopped to 22b b/o, will wait for couple more days, 19b is the best offer atm.

Please limit your replies/bumps to one per day. Thank you.

20.5B offer