WTS 22.5m SP Apostle/FAX/Guardian Character T2 Triage etc

T2 Triage

Amarr Carrier 4


3,5m SP on armor skills

Cybernetics 5 (for slaves)

Can also fly guardian

Full set of +5 learning implants

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bang_You’re_Dead pw 1234

Bidding starts at 25b - buyout 34b

Post here or contact in game

where is the character?

17 Bill

25b offer

28bil, isk ready

27b offer

character is located in high sec

29B offer


31B offer

32 bil

33b private offer received, will close sale on friday if buyout is not reached

34B B/O

ISK was not paid, character is still for sale

Bump character is up for sale still

restarting the bidding att 25b

26 bil

27 bil

Still looking for a bit more here, good focused pilot with clean killboard

28bil offer