WTS: T2 Triage Apostle/Logi/Leadership and support alt 33m SP

Selling myself
Positive wallet
Positive sec status
Char will be in in Jita 4-4 when i transfer


Amar,Gallante and Minmatar cruiser 5
Logistics cruiser 5
Cyno 5 can use Cov ops cyno
Can fly Heavy interdiction cruisers,Recons, Cov ops , Logi’s and Apostle/Archon (1 Hour training for t1 fighters)
Can fly proteus for hunting with Cov ops cyno
Cybernetics 5 for omega implants
T2 Shield/Skirmish and Armor links ( can fly gallante command destroyers )
Can fly T2 Triage Apostle

Other Stuff
Can fly t2 caldari scan frigate and Charon for moving stuff.
Good reactions skills for making isk

See my skills here http://eveboard.com/pilot/Bettie_Trader

Auction Starts @ 27b isk

will start you with 25b

26 bil

Avallah bid noted

Accepting your bid for 26b Avallah
Awaiting isk and account details to start transfer

No reply from buyer so char is still for sale
Daily bumb

26 bil

27 bill

Will accept White Kitteh 27b offer.
Awaiting isk to start tranfer

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ISK sent

23 Nov 2017 16:17

EVE Character transfer

All done thanks mate and GL with your new char

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