WTA: T2 Apostle/Revelation + Amar support character 59.9m sp

Selling myself


Amar frigate/destroyer/cruiser/battlecruiser/battleship/carrier Level 5 ( 2 weeks from Amar Dread 5)
T2 Traige and T2 Siege
T2 Capital Guns
All T2 links good leadership skills
JDC 5 with good Nav skills
Good support core skills
Can use covert cyno’s
Full HG slave pod

Auction Starts at 50b
B/o at 55b

Skills can be seen here : [https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Leah_Amarri]

All ccp rules apply
Char has + wallet and + sec status char is in Jita 4-4

Daily Bump

Daily bumb

Daily bumb

Daily bumb

50 billion.

Still for sale?

Yip still for sale and 50b bid noted from chaemora

52B then :slight_smile:

Bid noted closing auction in 24 hours reducing buy out to 55b

Offering 55B as immediate buyout.

Accepting Sam Gamora 55b B/o waiting for isk to start transfer

ISKies transfered, details sent. Thanks.

will be back home in few hours then i will start transfer thank you

Isk and account info recieved
Char transfer started


14 Oct 2018 12:34

EVE Character transfer

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