WTS 22 mil Focused Gallente Combat/Drone Pilot

I, Leo Stotch, am for sale. :sunglasses:

Skill Linkage

-----22,381,757 Million Skill Points and training @ 2310 sp / hour.-----

2 bonus remap.Currently Mapped to Perception and Intelligence.
Full set of of +4 Standard Learning implants.
2 Empty Jump clones
Located in hi-sec. Rens
Positive wallet.
No killrights
In NPC corp
All CCP Rules Apply

Gallente Frigate and Cruiser 5.
Gallente Strategic Cruiser 4, All Gallente Subsystems 4.
Gallente Tactical Destroyer 4
Assault Frigates, Covert Ops, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Recon Ships all at level 2.
5.2 million SP in Drones, lots of 5’s.
Drone specialization skills all level 4.
All Drone types are level 5 except Sentry Drones, which has about 16 days left to level 5.
Great start on Gunnery skills.
Lots of level 5 skills where you need them.
Near Perfect core skills.
Shield, Hull, and armor basic skills maxed.

Starting bid : 17.5 Billion
B/O : 20.5 Billion


Thank you for the starting Bid Jianjud.
17.5 billion is the High bid. I am more open to negotiation now.
Daily Bump.

still for sale?

18b/o ?