WTS Focused Gallente toon 23,5m, price reduced

(Soulis) #1

Hey there,

I want to sell this very old toon, you dont find much of those these days, focused on gallente subcaps
Eveboard link
Few things about me:

  1. Date of Birth 2004-08-17 09:14:00
  2. Skill points 23,381,356
  3. Security Status 3.62
  4. NPC Corp
  5. Positive isk
  6. No killrights
  7. Docked in jita

It uses Gallente subcaps, with excellent gunnery skills, very good drone, engineering, armor, navigation and electronic skills
It is 100% focused and it can do the job

Here are the skills:
Armor - 1,6m
Drones - 2,5m
Electronic - 1,3m
Engineering - 3,3m
Gunnery - 7,1m
Navigation - 1,6m
Spaceship command - 3,3m
Targeting - 1m

As you can see from eveboard it can fly t2 frigs, t2 destroyers, t2 cruisers and t3 strategic cruiser. So it can fly cov ops, recons, hacs, interdictors, logis, stealth bombers
It also have a lot of skills injected for example gallente carrier and dread skillbooks, capital skills, fighters etc. Just take a look at eveboard

In addition to that it comes with few jumpclones:

  1. Mid-grade slave set
  2. +3’s and some scanning implants
  3. +3’s and +4’s

And on top of that it has a decent killboard, so you start with something

It is perfect for stepping your game up. If you have some isk you can buy very nice character, born in 2004, with focused skills, nice name and positive killboard
You can use it for example for fleets (logi, recons, hacs) or for ratting (VNI, Ishtar)

Considering all of this starting bid is 18b
Buy out is 20b

I will try to check mails regulary, but if you send one please make a post in this thread

(Amarr D'mee) #3

Sp at market is worth 16bil. I’ll offer 17bil buyout

(Soulis) #6

bump lowered starting bid to 17bil

(Dirty Flirty) #7

Mail Sent Ingame.

(Soulis) #11

Thanks for the offer. I will let the sale go till the end of the week. If there wont be any more offers I will contact you

(Verbatim Rotsuda) #14


(Soulis) #20

Character transferred, thread closed