WTS 22m Rorqual Pilot

(Brock Khans) #1


  • Ice Excavators
  • Ore Excavators
  • T2 siege
  • Panic module
  • Viator/Occator Pilot
  • Mining Drone Specialization V (Finished!)
  • 1 Bonus Remap Available (2018.11.26 for next yearly remap)

No Killrights
Positive Wallet
Npc corp
Positive Sec status
Located in Jita

~24b b/o OBO

I will be using GM Ticket to Transfer

WTB Rorqual Pilot 20-25b
WTB rorq pilot
WTB Rorqual Pilot
WTS 51.3 Mi SP Gallente PVP And Capital Pilot
(Shootwithme) #2

Confirming I’m for sale, ready for transfer!

(Parish Kasrkin) #3

Would you take 14b?

(universe48 Zion) #4


(Ocino) #5


(Aki Naiya) #6

20,5 b

(Ocino) #7

20,6 B

(Brock Khans) #8

Bids are going in the right direction. I’m thinking this should go for at least 25b+. Keep it up

(Ocino) #9

If you are expecting 25b+, then I’m out.

(Shootwithme) #10

Up we go. Mining Drone Specialization V finished!

New BO of 24b

(Octagon Minayin) #11

23B BO online for 1 more hour

(Brock Khans) #12

@Octagon_Minayin hop on line, and lets chat

(Octagon Minayin) #13

23,5b bo aggred online

(Shootwithme) #14

Send isk and account name

(Brock Khans) #15

GM ticket created. Feel free to ping/mail Brock Khans (my main) on this thread or in game for updates on the ticket status

(system) #17

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