WTS 22M SP Gallente Focused Mission Runner

**22M SP **

** Great Starter Character**
** Gallente Focused**
** Remap ready + 1 bonus remap**
** short employment history**
** no kill rights**
** positive wallet**

*located in Jita*
  • I will pay transfer fee*

First 20 Billion Gets Me :crazy_face:


if transfer payment in RL cash NOT Plex

then yes I offer 20bill

The payment is in ISK. Anything other than that is against the EULA and could get you banned.

If you are referring to my paying the transfer fee I have sold many characters and it is always done in cash. I did not know it was possible to transfer any other way.

Send the isk and account details if your serious


14b bid

Thanks for the Bid Mordret
Make it 18 and we can trade any less and I may as well extract the skills on my own.

Any other bids are welcome and will be transferred quickly

Changed my mind if your still interested offer accepted. Got plans :slight_smile:
Let me know

yes still interesting

ok offer accepted for 14 Bill.
Send ISK and DETAILS for account transfer and I will do it today since I am off work


isk and account name sended

Received and transfered

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