WTS 22m SP Gila/Kiki Pilot great passive income!


Title says, it solid passive income generating char with skills in drones/precursor or mining. Can run T5 Abyssals with ease.

Buyout: 14B

Eran Almog 10B

‘Can run T5 abyssal with ease’ doubtful considering it can’t shoot a missile

If you’re relying on missile application in Abyssals and you’re not in a Cerebus you’re an idiot. Thanks.

what a out abyssals are passive income?

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Mentioning the fact that he can do abyssals isn’t the same thing as saying that they’re passive income. Learn to read please.

Everyone can read, you’ve mentioned passive income twice, and the only money making method you’ve mentioned is T5 abyssals, which I guess you’ve never tried cause that character can’t do them, guaranteed. Either way, the way your post READS is that abyssals is the passive income.


@Eran_Almog offering 9.5b

I would buy out but the seller is a jerk to bidders and clickbaited.

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