WTS ~22m sp PVP character +5's and Geno clones

Looking to sell this character Hei Presto

Three clones
1- set of +5’s minus charisma
2- Genos 1-4 and some rifter based +1’ and 3’s
3- Genos 1-4 and some rkt and nav 1’s and 3’s

When I returned to EVE I wanted to try a rocket character as I had never really used one so plugged in a load of skills for a rocket Garmur, but as it would be everyone ran away from me in lowsec :slight_smile:

3.7m sp in missile skills
Caldari frig V
Gallente frig V

So I headed for my trusty rifter

4.7m sp in gunnery
Minmatar frig V

Wanted to fly some bling so wanted to fly the Dramiel

plugged in drone skills
and topped up on some nav skills

15 bil

15.5b offered


Looking for a smidge more…

smidge = 2.5b

Please note that my offer will be withdrawn if not accepted within 5 hours from this post.

hmm how about a semi-smidge?

15.25 bil

Look like I’m getting the extractors out :slight_smile:

hmm the prices have took a bit of an uptick over the last 3-4days…

Bump one last go at this

Dont extract yet im interested

I won’t have time to do anything until the weekend as I am away, so you have a couple of days.

Seems a waste of some yummy implants just to suck her dry of skillpoints.

to the top spacefriends

one more before the skill gobblers come out…

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