WTS 22m Thanatos/Ninazu/Guardian/Zarmsad pilot

22m(+) carrier/fax/logi cruiser/frig pilot.
Positive wallet
No killrights
No nonsense

Perfect alt used for capital/logi stuff.


Pris: 25b


Well, I will start with a 12b offer.

Due to tank skill, fighter skill, drone skill and capital logi is a bit lacking.

If you want a perfect Nyx pilot, I think you need to pay up a little bit more.

What I mean is that it is not a perfect fax or even carrier char.

Considering it as work-able char for Fax, carrier and good-ish Guard/zarm. Offer 12.5b

Why do you even try. It will never be sold for that amount. Can just extract and sell the injectors if I am desperate.
It might not be perfect, but it’s enough to get the job done and continue the progress if someone is interested in capping all the skills.
There are no issues to fly either carrier or fax with current skills. What you are asking is a nyx pilot.

13.5b offer

20b offer

Ok accepted.
Send isk and account details and I will start the transfer progress.

14b offer

18b is lowest I would go. Otherwise I’ll keep skilling and use it as my logi.

bump !

i will offer your 18 bil

Ok, send isk and account name and I will start the transfer.

Isk and account named send ingame

Thanks! Paid for transfer.
Check your email for receiving the char.

recieved email,

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