WTS 23m Nyx Pilot - 2006 DOB - Clean KB

Focused Nyx pilot https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kaladross

clean killboard as well (for those who pay attention to that sort of thing) https://zkillboard.com/character/468953938/

Positive sec status
Positive wallet
Currently in hi-sec
+5 Implants
1 Remap available

Starting bid: 19b
B/O: 24b
Transfer goes to highest bidder as of July 21st (3 days from posting)

19B isk ready

thanks for your bid! if that remains until the 21st i’ll sell it

20bil ready to buy

22B buyout

23 b/o

24B B/O

accepted. send isk and account info

Isk and account info sent

isk recieved, transfer initiated at 18:20

Character Received

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