WTS 23m PVP/PVE Perfect Null Starter


22.7m SP Focused with 300k Unallocated

  • Magic 14 skills trained
  • PVP/PVE Orientated
  • Gallente HIC/HAC/Recon/Cov ops/Inty
  • T2 Small/Med Hybrids

Offers considered over: 15b
Buyout: 18b

11b offer

You tried that offer yesterday.
Also please read the information, Offers considered over: 15b

I don’t see any other reply so i don’t know what you are speaking about.


you throw bids at that many sales you don’t know what you’re talking about.

please remove these posts and keep this sales pitch clean for proper buyers

What is wrong biding on all those characters ? I buy all those character so i dont know why you should blame me for that.

Still for sale, take a look at the eveskillboard :grinning:

Still for sale, take a look :wink:

Up again, please see what i have to offer.

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