WTS 23m T2 production / Reaction farm / PI / Pirate faction lvl 4 puller etc

Reuploaded with right character

WTS 23 million SP t2 manufacturing & invention, reaction farm, pirate faction mission puller,

Blood raiders lvl 4 mission
Max Planetary interaction (6 planets)
Capital ships production
Research agent lvl 4 Lai dai

  • Located in Jita 4 - 4 station in NPC Corp
  • No jumpclone
  • No assets
  • No killrights
  • Positive security status 0.0
  • Positive wallet 0 isk
  • Available remap + 1 bonus
  • Born in 2010
    **Total Skillpoints: 23,710,845
    Can fly Anathema, Impel/Prorator
    25 skills at 5

Starting bid 20B

Currently in npc corp (School of Applied Knowledge )


daily bump
price adjusted

daily bump

daily bump

Daily bump

Price adjusted to 20B


i will shake on 18B,

i will sent the paperwork tomorrow

eve mail sent

isk sent
acc info ingame

Isk received
Account transfert in progress
Thanks and take good care of her!


Transfers completed

thank you

fly safe

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