SOLD 25m SP, T2 inventor, Builder, Exhumers V, 2010 clean pilot

SOLD SOLD SOLD. Selling myself, born 2010, 25.1m SP and still training. Solid PVE indy skill focus.
Over 1.5m SP are unallocated!

In NPC starter corp and ready for transfer (I will pay fees).
Remap available + 3 Bonus remaps.
Positive wallet and sec status.
No killrights
Located in Highsec NPC station + 3 Jump clones also in highsec.
(no password required)

Scientist -11 slots- Very solid invention skills for T2 and research.
Builder -11 slots- max possible.
Miner - Exhumers V max yield Hulk pilot with a lot of general support skills. She has enough unused SP available to drop her right in an Orca, or many many other ships.

Clean history (no kills, no losses and 2553 days in her last player corp). Has mainly run a T2 invention and production line with occasional evenings spent in fleet munching asteroids. Ready for her new home.

Offers considered. B/O 24b

Thanks for looking,

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16b bid

16.5 bil

Thanks for the offers, 16 is too low with the RL $ transfer costs.
Also forgot to mention, running RND agents, approx 250RP/day passive as a little bonus.

well then, good luck waiting…


edit: sorry retracted, got the character i needed.

Bump up, the training continues. :slight_smile:


Just passed 25.5m SP. Thanks for taking a look.

25.7m sp and counting. B/O reduced to 23b.


20B B/o

Thanks for the offer. Sticking to 23b for a B/O. 25.8m sp now.

22B? :slight_smile:

Just waiting for an alt to biomass then I can accept.

Screw it. 23B b/o

I need to wait about 8 hours for a character to biomass before I can accept the transfer though

23b B/O accepted from Switchblade Sally. Please send isk and account name. Will await ready confirmation before initiating transfer.

Transfer will be able to go ahead from 04:40 EVE time :slight_smile:

It’s now OK to transfer the character :slight_smile:

Character transfer in progress (you should also get a confirmation email), enjoy! o7