WTS 24M SP Perfect Exhumer / PI / Reprosessing / Moon / Cyno

WTS jantao


Starting at 15B
Buyout 20b
Auction ends friday june 5 at 18:00 eve time.


  • Perfect Exhumer miner
  • Moon
  • Hulk/Orca/Porpoise/Noctis/IteronV
  • Gallente Industial 5
  • Industy 5
  • Resource processing
  • PI
  • Cyno

1. Wallet balance.
Positive Balance

2. Kill rights

3. Jump clones
Fountain - Jita - Zinkon

4. Character location.
Currently Fountian…will jump it to Jita on sale



15 bill

15.5B isk ready

15.6 billion

15.8B ISK

Getting close bump

16 bill

16.2B ISK


Thats a buy out…and accepted

Awesome let me know when transfer is started

ISK 20B Received. Character transferred to the agreed account.

Trasnfer started

transfer complete and successful

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