WTS (25.3 m SP) - Orca - Mining Director 5 + Forman mindlink, exhumer and resource processing pilot


I am for sale.
Orca pilot with max boosts for Mining

  • Leadership 5
  • Mining Director 5
  • Mining Forman 5
  • Shield Command - 5

Other important skills

  • Exhumers 5
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Reprocessing Efficiency 5 (for all those null sec rocks and moon processing)

Buy Out: 20b isk

Zentax Sloomy I will start the bidding at 12B

I bid 14b

Thanks for the bids, not quite at the point where I would let him go at for yet though.

Offer whitdrawn, got someone else.

Let me offer 15B

@Tonny_Whale - I will accept that offer of 15B, please send payment in game to this character and your account details and I will start the process. Cheers

Isk and account info sent.

Received, Account transfer started. Thanks!

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